Season Passes

Get 10% Off Season Passes

We’re thrilled to bring you our 2024 Golf Season Passes! With the fresh bloom of spring just a few months away, it’s the perfect time to start planning for a season filled with sunshine, lush greens, and fun times at the course!

We have over 5 Season Pass Options that include:

  • Priority booking for tee times
  • Exclusive invites to members-only events
  • 10% off on Golf Equipment and Apparel

If weekdays and twilight hours suit your schedule, our Hooky Pass options, available for both individuals and couples, are for you! Click below to find out if you’re eligible to enjoy 10% off all Season Pass options!

Season Passes

Individual $840
Junior (18 and under) $135
Young Adult (19 to 27) $420
Hooky Pass (Mon-Thur & Twilight Everyday) Single $550
Hooky Pass (Mon-Thur & Twilight Everyday) Couple $850
Corporate Each Additional Tag


Driving Range:
Annual Pass Range Junior (20 and under) $35
Annual Pass Range Adult $150

Season Passes includes GHIN Card.

Married Couples as defined by South Dakota Law

Prepping for the Upcoming Season

As the season approaches, make sure you’re fully equipped. Visit our Pro Shop to find top-quality golf equipment and apparel. And remember, as a Season Pass holder, you’ll enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on these items.

SHGC 2024 Discounts

Season pass holders, Full-time City Employees, Seniors 65+, Active Duty Military, Veterans, and First Responders receive 10% off equipment and apparel. 

Full-time city Employees, Seniors 65+, Active-Duty Military, Veterans, and First Responders will receive 10% off season passes.
(cannot be combined with other sales and promotions).

Please fill out to the form below for more information.

Not Ready to Commit? Try Digital Punch Cards

If you’re contemplating a season pass but aren’t quite sure yet, our Digital Punch Cards present the perfect opportunity for a trial run. Grab up to 12 Round Bundles for either 9 or 18 Holes. Opt for the compact charm of a 9-hole round or embrace the full experience with 18 holes. This trial is an ideal way to gauge the frequency and style of your play before committing to a full season pass.
We invite you to choose the bundle that resonates with your pace, your style, and your passion for the game! Whether you’re a casual golfer seeking a leisurely escape on the greens or a serious player aiming to sharpen your skills, our varied round bundles range from $160 – $511.