Public Green Fees
9 Holes $39
18 Holes $54
Tournament Green Fee $39 Individuals that purchase a season pass are not exempt from paying tournament green fee.
Group Green Fee (9 Hole) $35 Per player when 16 or more, excluding tournaments.
Group Green Fee (18 Hole) $45 Per player when 16 or more, excluding tournaments.
Twilight Rate (9 Hole) $27 Twilight begins 4 hours before sunset.
Replay Same Day (9 Hole) $0 Must repay full cart rental fee.
Replay Same Day (18 Hole) $0 Must repay full cart rental fee.
Hot Springs VA DOM Golf Program $30 18 Holes w/Cart
Youth Rate (8-15) $10  
Youth Rate (16-20) $17  
Rental Set Clubs $18  


Driving Range:

Small Bucket of Balls $5
Medium Bucket of Balls $8
Large Bucket of Balls $11
Range Pass Junior (20 and under) $35
Range Pass Adult $150
Family Pass (4 Members of the Same Household) $249
Golf Cart Rental:
9 Holes (Per Person) $15
18 Holes (Per Person) $20
Rider Non-Golfer (Per Rider) $15
Tournament use (per cart) $20
Cart Trail Fees Daily (Per Cart) $35
Seasonal Cart Lease:
Individual $500
Couple (children under 21 included up to 2 keys at a time) $750


Golf Cart Trail Usage Fee: 
Annual $170
Yearly Cart Storage: 
Building 1A Gas $350
Building 1A Electric $435
Building 2B Gas $390
Building 2B Electric $480
Clubhouse Rental
Clubhouse Rental 2 Hours or Less $50
Clubhouse Rental Half Day $100
Clubhouse Rental Full Day $175
Kitchen Use Add-On $75
Special Rates Dynamic pricing may be used in busy scheduling times
Season Passes:
Adult Single Season Pass $840
Adult Couple Season Pass
Junior (18 and under) $135
Young Adult (19 to 27) $420
Hooky Pass (Mon-Thur & Twilight Everyday) Single $550
Hooky Pass (Mon-Thur & Twilight Everyday) Couple $850
Corporate Pass with Cart Use (Includes 4 Tags)
Corporate Additional Tag  $975
SDGA Membership (With the purchase of 12 round punch card (for non-season pass holders)) $30


Driving Range:
Annual Pass Range Junior (20 and under) $35
Annual Pass Range Adult $150

Membership includes GHIN Card.

Married Couples as defined by South Dakota Law


The purpose of course rules at Southern Hills Golf Course is to 1) ensure the public and staff’s safety, 2) ensure all players are able to enjoy the game of golf 3) ensure the course is respected for current and future players and 4) ensure all players are accurately and fairly compensating the facility for their use.

Any violation of these rules shall result in the following issued by the Clubhouse Manager or Golf Course Superintendent: 1) verbal warning 2) written warning, or 3) suspended access to the course and/or suspension of membership. The City may, but is not required to apply these actions progressively (for example, the suspension of membership may be applied as a first course of action.)

Any appeals to a decision made by the Clubhouse Manager or Golf Course Superintendent shall be made in writing within five business days of the notice and delivered to City Hall. The appellant may then address the full city council to have their appeal heard.

We ask for your courteous cooperation in following the rules below:

  1. USGA rules of golf apply at all times
  2. Players are expected to replace divots on the fairways and tees, and to repair all ball marks on greens
  3. Players are to rake sand in bunkers and leave the rakes in the bunkers
  4. Extreme care should be taken when removing and replacing the flagstick. The putter head should not be used as a retriever to extract golf balls from the hole
  5. Carts are not permitted in the areas between the green and surrounding bunkers, across tee boxes, on greens, in rough or native areas. Carts are limited to cart paths, fairways and designated areas only. Mobility flags may be approved through the golf course superintendent
  6. No more than two players are allowed per golf cart
  7. Each player must have their own set of clubs; no more than one player may play from one bag
  8. Allow faster groups to play through. Please play “ready golf”
  9. Obscene, profane, or abusive language will not be used or tolerated
  10. Throwing clubs or willful damage to the course (i.e. damaging of greens or hitting club into the ground causing damage) will not be tolerated
  11. All players must check in to the clubhouse prior to starting their round
  12. All players must start on hole #1 unless approved by Clubhouse staff
  13. Single players and 2-somes will be joined with other players to make a 3-some or 4-some when deemed necessary by the Clubhouse
  14. Groups of five or more are not permitted unless there is prior approval by Clubhouse staff
  15. No outside food or beverages are allowed on Southern Hills Golf Course or in the Clubhouse
  16. No pets allowed on Southern Hills Golf Course

Dress Code:

Season Pass Holders and guests of Southern Hills Golf Course are expected to dress in a manner befitting the surroundings and atmosphere of the facility. Shirt and shoes are required at all times. The following are required standards that are expected on the Golf Course Property.


Collared shirts and sleeves are preferred however t-shirts are allowed, tank-top are NOT allowed, slacks or golf shorts) are preferred. Denim is permissible however cut-offs are NOT permissible.

Unacceptable attire: Tank tops, bare tops, sweat pants, bathing suits, and athletic shorts.


Proper golf attire (shirts with collars, blouses, slacks, golf shorts) are preferred. However, the following is regarded as appropriate attire (neat tee-shirts, mid-thigh shorts/skirts, tops w/at least 2″ wide shoulder straps, neat jeans/jean shorts).

Unacceptable attire: Halter/strapless tops, bare midriffs, sweat pants, bathing suits, athletic shorts, and cut-offs.


Golf shoes/golf sandals must be worn with “soft spikes”.

Unacceptable footwear: Golf shoes with metal spikes, football/soccer cleats, work boots, cowboy boots, and high heels.